"Willie he tells me the doers and thinkers say movin is the closest thing to being free…"
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Getting drunk in places. Hit the follow, ride the wave.
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Hitting the road til mid April, so if you wanna get a beer or gimme a home cooked meal, check texrailersdoomtown.tumblr.com for shows and stuff. Richmond VA tonight, then Charlotte NC, followed by a two night stand in Charleston SC.

Take care.

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Anonymous: don't give broads your shirts.

I just leave them there I recently lost some killer cutoff jean shorts

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Hey y’all, me and my guys worked pretty hard on this and I hope you like it as much as I do!

Listen, tell your friends, and buy it if you can! Tour can be a bitch sometimes so every download helps! If you’re not into downloading, I can mail you a CD in a zine I made! I love you all… See ya out there!

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James Hetfield

I just want pretty hair

and I want that dumb broad I dated like 8 years ago to give me my samhain shirt back
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The Remains

too fucking good.
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True Love , 1970


Weapons confiscated from teenagers in Queens, New York before a brawl in 1953.

Street justice
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Steven Yu (Death Before Dishonor), Rob Kabula (Cause For Alarm / A.F. ) & Alex Kinon (Cause For Alarm / A.F.) outside C.B.G.B’s 1983
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The cramps
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Bird’s-eye view of New York with Battery Park in the foreground and the Brooklyn Bridge on the right published in 1873. by peacay on Flickr.
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